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Cy Pres Awards

Our thanks to these advocates for recent Cy Pres Awards to Public Citizen:

Jason B. Adkins
Nancy Barron
Daniel E. Birkhaeuser
Robert M. Bramson
James E. Butler
Mark A. Chavez
William H. Crowder
Jeff Fazio
Andrew S. Friedman
Agnieszka Fryszman
Steve Gardner
Melissa Hartnett
Scott R. Jeeves
Bryan Kemnitzer
Richard Koffman
Barry L. Kramer
Steve D. Larson
Dina Micheletti
Jennifer S. Rosenberg
Craig E. Rothburd
Thomas G. Shapiro
Joel O. Wooten


Consumer Law and Policy Blog

Keeping the legal community informed about civil justice issues.

Civil Justice Project Leadership Supporters

Civil Justice Trustees

Annual Support of $25,000+

James E. Butler
Mark A. Chavez
Brendan J. Donelon
William Coleman Dowden III
Caragh Fay

Joseph W. Fay
Terrell Fay
Thomas Fortune Fay
Andrew S. Friedman
Jonathan E. Gertler

Molly Patricia Hoffman
Annie P. Kaplan
Shannon Liss-Riordan
Joel O. Wooten
Workers' Injury Law Group

Civil Justice Leaders

Annual Support of $6,000 to $11,999

Greg Allen
Lisa Banks
Michael Baum
Jere Beasley
Stephen R. Bruce
Elizabeth J. Cabraser
Jonathan W. Cuneo

Steven E. Fineman
Pamela Gilbert
Keith A. Hebeisen
Bob Jennings
and Barbara Bott

Charles J. LaDuca

Victor E. Long
Michael and Louise Malakoff
Thomas J. Methvin
Patrick M. Regan
Natalie Sticesen
Salvatore Zambri

Civil Justice Advocates

Annual Support of $3,000 to $5,999

American Association
for Justice

Tim Becker
Jeff Burns
Alfred Contarino
Timothy Patrick Dillon
Tim Dollar
Jeffrey M. Goldberg and Allison Black

Bernard M. Gross
William H. Harrell
Cyrus Mehri
Thomas J. Methvin
Barry J. Nace
Christopher T. Nace
Jonathan Nace
Matthew Nace
Michelle A. Parfitt

Kit A. Pierson
Stephen A. Sheller
Steve Skallet
Christine D. Spagnoli
Robert Spohrer
Beth E. Terrell
Gibson Vance
George A. Zelcs
Richard A. Zitrin

Civil Justice Associates

Annual Support of $1,200 to $2,999

Nancy Barron
Morris Bart Jr.
Roxanne Barton Conlin
Max W. Berger
Scott and Janet C. Borison
Robert M. Bramson
Bruce Broillet
Patrick Carr
James C. Causey
Jeffrey D. Eisenberg and
Tasha Savage

Thomas Goldstein
Browne Greene
Robert L. Habush
Dale Haralson
Howard Heffron
Debra Katz
Bryan Kemnitzer
Kristen Kemnitzer
Avi Kumin
David Marshall
Wayne McClean

J. C. Metcalf
Henry A. Meyer III
Thomas J. Murray
Scott Nelson
Bruce R. Pfaff
Brent Rosenthal
Don H. Slavik
Geoff Wells

Civil Justice Sustainers

Annual Support of $600 to $1,199

Mary E. Alexander
Timothy C. Bailey
Jack B. Baldwin
Alex Berman
Mark R. Bocci
Ben T. Castle
Stephen Boyd
Dwane M. Cates
Shana De Caro
Robert Dodson
Carmen A. Eanni
Robert M. Ginsberg
Browne Greene
Steven M. Gursten
Patrick J. Hagerty

Stephen J. Herman
John Jacobs
Michael Kaplan
Taras Kick
Albert H. Kramer
Jason Krigel
Ronald D. Krist
Charles Lavis, Jr.
James Leavitt Jr.
Michael Lemov
Ted B. Lyon
Thomas William Malone
Pat Maloney Sr.
Herbert & Nancy Milstein
Robert M. Palmer


David Philipps
Michael J. Piuze
Michael Quirk
Paul D. Rheingold
Sara Schuett
Richard D. Schuler
Doug Shaffer
William M. Shernoff
Larry Stewart
Jared Staver
Stephen M. Tillery
Mitchell Twersky
Kay Van Wey
Conrad S. P. Williams
Michael E. Withey
Council Wooten Jr.

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