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Toyota is Stalling on Climate Progress

Toyota was named the automaker with the worst impact on climate policy globally two years running.

In the U.S., Toyota has only one EV on the market. The automaker was caught falsifying the emissions and fuel efficiency of its vehicles to evade clean air and fuel standards twice in the past two years.

Toyota has also failed to address fossil fuel emissions and extreme labor rights abuses in its supply chain. As the world transitions to zero-emission vehicles, automakers must also eliminate harms from materials used to make cars, like steel and battery minerals.

We’re calling on Toyota to commit to a fossil-free vehicle future, for people and the planet.

We’re calling on Toyota to commit to a 100% zero-emission vehicle future, for people and the planet.

Over 1/3 of Americans plan to buy or lease an EV, or are seriously considering doing so–and for good reason. Fuel savings for EV owners can amount to as much as $14,500 over 15 years. Toyota drivers are among the most likely to buy electric options from Tesla, Ford, Hyundai, and Chevy.

Toyota’s supply chain has been linked to human rights and environmental harms, including allegations of its steel suppliers using dirty coal, forced labor, and intimidation into wage cuts.

It’s not too late for Toyota–or our climate. Tell Toyota CEO Koji Sato: stop lobbying against climate action and commit to a zero-emission vehicle future.

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