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With Democracy Under Threat, Biden Has Opportunity to Defend our Future

President Joe Biden will address the nation this evening in a primetime speech from Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, where he will warn the nation about ongoing threats to democracy. A recent NBC poll showed that the state of our democracy was the top issue for voters.

Ahead of tonight’s speech, Lisa Gilbert, executive vice-president of Public Citizen, issued the following statement: 

“In the weeks leading up to January 6th, Republican leaders sat silently while Trump and his MAGA allies worked feverishly to undo the election. American democracy has faced increased challenges at the state and national level ever since. The voting public has taken note.

“President Biden’s speech will highlight the baseless attacks that have undermined the cornerstone of our country. The nation’s core values are at stake, and importantly, the White House has seized the moment.

“With Trump melting down this week on Truth Social over his failed efforts to undermine the laws and norms of our country, encouraging violence and further threatening our institutions, the stakes could not be higher. In ginning up his supporters, the former President again puts lives and the fabric of our nation at risk. 

“Following tonight’s fiery remarks, Biden can and should take concrete action to protect our democracy. Strengthening and protecting our elections, limiting the power of major contractors to warp elections through secret political money, and fighting government corruption can all be achieved through the stroke of his pen. 

“We applaud the President’s remarks, and hope the White House will continue to take the actions needed to defend our most sacred institution.”