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Why is Sessions Keeping Bush's Secrets?

Some presidents just have more to hide than others. 

We have been working to expose the secrets of the current administration, but now another senator is standing in the way.  Senator Jeff Sessions is the latest to block a bill that would return the presidential records to the American people.   

Bush’s Executive Order 13233 was a direct attack on the Presidential Records Act of 1978, a law passed in the wake of Watergate that makes presidential records the property of the American people.  A president should not be allowed to legislate and lock away his records with a stroke of a pen.

But this is not just about Bush.  It’s about the records of ALL presidents.

The bipartisan bill to undo the Bush order has passed the House by a veto-proof margin and is close to becoming a law, but Senator Sessions is still standing in between the people and their right to know. 

What you can do: Call Senator Sessions’ office and ask why he is blocking S. 886 and tell him to stop obstructing a vote.