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Who’s the Best at Growing the Grassroots?

Check it out! The Hill newspaper recently published its list of the greatest growers of the grassroots and Public Citizen is featured three times; more than any other organization!

First, The Hill names Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook and suggests we “could have a lot more clout in a Congress that is aggressively targeting federal agencies and corporate America.”  We’ll keep the pressure up to ensure we accomplish as much as possible.

Second is Congress Watch Lobbyist, Craig Holman.  The Hill calls him “the go-to guy on campaign finance.”  Lean more about the span of his work from election reform and lobbying & ethics reform.

Last but not least, Global Trade Watch Director Lori Wallach rounds out the list of those who are mobilizing the grassroots.  "Since early in the Clinton administration, Wallach has been a key player," leading the fight for fairness and justice in global trade policy.

We must thank all of our dedicated activists who make our work effective and helping to create change.

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