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We’re not the only ones worried about paying for health care

A new poll released by the University of Michigan reveals that 46 percent of respondents are worried about paying for future care. Even more telling, nearly one in four revealed a concern of losing coverage within the next year. These concerns emerge as Congress begins the debate over health care reform — a debate that doesn’t involve all opinions.

As we’ve said before, the single-payer option is the best way to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Not only would all Americans receive health care under this system, 95% of all Americans would pay less for their healthcare than they are currently paying. Why isn’t Congress considering single-payer? The Michigan Messenger gives a great summary. Basically, it’s the same partisan bickering and insurance industry meddling that has held up health care reform for decades.

86 percent in the Michigan poll said they viewed health care reform as an integral part of tackling the nation’s economic crisis. Other polls taken this week say the same thing. So while Congress is doing the right thing by taking on this issue, meaningful reform can’t be found without a real discussion of single-payer. Sign up now to receive our alerts on actions you can take regarding important health-related issues