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Trump Can’t Save Coal

Oct. 13, 2017

Texas Proves Trump Can’t Save Coal

Statement of Adrian Shelley, Director, Public Citizen’s Texas Office

Note: Luminant, a subsidiary of Vistra Energy, today announced the closing in early 2018 of two Texas coal-fired power plants: Big Brown and Sandow. On Oct. 6, the company announced it would close the Monticello coal-fired power plant. Tens of millions of pounds of carbon dioxide pollution will be eliminated with these closures.

With the announcements of three coal plant closures, Vistra Energy is demonstrating what energy experts, industry analysts and many in the public have known for some time: Coal is no longer viable. Public Citizen reports have proven that these plants are losing money, and their closure will nhttps://www.citizen.org/media/press-releases/when-coal-plants-are-shut-lights-will-stay-texas-consumersot impact energy stability in Texas.

This announcement is also a victory for public health and the climate. These coal plants were some of the largest sources of mercury, particulate matter and carbon dioxide in the state.

The closures underscore the folly of President Donald Trump, who campaigned on bringing back the coal industry, and U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who is wrongly trying to bolster the coal industry under the guise of keeping the electric grid stable. Memo to Perry: The grid is stable. Propping up a dying industry puts the country on the wrong path and will cost taxpayers billions in public health and climate impacts.

It’s time to let coal die, so we can live healthy, productive lives. Trump can’t save coal.