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Toyota’s New EV Strategy Must be 100% Zero-Emission Vehicles by 2030

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Toyota Motor Corp. is in the planning process to reboot the company’s electric vehicle (EV) strategy by early 2023, according to reports. The news comes less than a month after CEO Akio Toyoda doubled down on Toyota’s reluctance to embrace EVs at a press event in Las Vegas.

East Peterson-Trujillo, clean vehicles campaigner at Public Citizen, issued the following statement: 

“The future of the passenger vehicle is electric, and the transformation will happen faster than market actors expect. Toyota’s failure to embrace the fully electric car and commit to producing 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2030 has been myopic. Electric vehicles are the future: with no tailpipe emissions, they’re better for our health and our climate.

“Toyota must also immediately end its anti-electric vehicle lobbying. Any updated EV strategy should ensure that Toyota’s materials, including steel and the minerals in its batteries, are sourced responsibly. Battery design should allow for easy reuse and recycling of minerals.

“As the largest global auto manufacturer, Toyota can and must help lead the global transition to 100% zero emission vehicles.”