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Snapchat rolls out self-serve shoppable ads globally

Snapchat rolls out self-serve shoppable ads globally

The Drum

John McCarthy

Snapchat has rolled out self-serve shoppable ads to all advertisers, as it looks to up its e-commerce revenues with a multitude of updates.

The move shows the company is increasing both the sophistication and utility of its Snap ads vertical formats for potential brand partners, removing friction in the process.

Having launched shoppable AR lenses in April, Snapchat has been reported to be testing shoppable ads since June with select partners. Wish.com and eBay were among the first out of the gate.

The company announced some of favourable early statistics from the pilot of this feature. Comparing shoppable Snap ads to standard Snap ads featuring the same products it noted that: eBay reported five-times more engagement; Wish.com’s was 17-times higher; and Guess was 4.1-times higher.

Snapchat will be hoping these figures can help attract more retailers into the service with the promise of high engagement among its some 188 million users. Click-through rates and sales were not released in the study at this stage.

The business is also launching another new feature dubbed ‘product catalogs’ which allows retailers to upload a library of catalogue information in spreadsheet format to best inform those using the app. Information includes image, price and colour. Once on board, the data can be used to speed up the creation of ads across its ecosystem, including story ads, Snap ads and shoppable Snap ads.

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