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Public Citizen Statement on Texas Senate Passage of TCEQ Sunset Bill

AUSTIN, Texas – Today, the Texas Senate approved its version of the Sunset bill for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The bill, SB 1397, renews the state’s environmental agency and guides its operations for another 12 years. It now heads to the House for that chamber’s consideration. Adrian Shelley, the Texas director of Public Citizen, issued this statement:

“This Sunset bill is a small step forward and a missed opportunity. The improvements to the TCEQ approved by the Senate are modest. We like what’s in the bill, particularly late changes to improve public participation in the permitting process. That being said, the TCEQ still needs major reforms. That won’t happen until the legislature gets serious about protecting people from polluters. In this session, it will now be up to the House to consider further people-focused reforms.”