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Public Citizen in the news

While BP unsuccessfully tries to contain the oil spill in the Gulf, Public Citizen’s efforts to boycott BP have been making headlines across the country. Public Citizen was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times editorial on the BP boycott. (Also in Modesto Bee, Belleville News Democrat, Lexington Herald Leader, Bellingham Herald, Sacramento Bee.) Tyson Slocum recently was also quoted in a FinalCall.com news story on holding BP accountable for the spill, as well as a story on  corporate greed and lobbyists opposing reform.

In a Free Speech radio interview, Tyson was quoted saying

“We need to consider whether or not [BP’s] Corporate Charter in the United States needs to be revoked.”

His words were then featured in a Truth Out article on how safety violations and fines did not deter the BP or Massey Energy disasters. Other articles Tyson was mention on the Energy and Environment Network’s Clean Skies Sunday, and the blog Sparxoo. Last week, Tyson  was interviewed also by Cox TV as well as WPTF in Raleigh NC, talking about the latest on the spill and the boycott.

In an interview with Minyanville for a story on BP spending big money on lobbyists, Public Citizen’s Craig Holman argued that

“BP has a huge, huge uphill battle to wage and they’re playing this game the best way they can. With all the money BP has at its disposal, they’re hiring the best ones available, which are the most well-connected.”

This interview went on to be mention on msn.com as well.

Aside from the oil spill, Public Citizen has also gained other attention. President, Robert Weissman was featured on the Mind Body Health and Politics show on June 1 titled “Hungry & Obese.” The show took a look at the comparison between the inequality of wealth and an increase in hunger among children, families, the middle class, and seniors.  The show discussed why many low income families do not have access to healthy food, therefore they buy less expensive food that tends to be loaded with sugars and fats.  The program also took an inside look on what some people are trying to do about this issue. The show can be viewed in its entirety on Mind Body Health and Politics’ website.

After a new poll was released that the public supports shorter shifts for resident physicians, Public Citizen was featured in both MedPage Today, and Business Week’s Health Highlights. Public Citizen was also mentioned in Calcutta Telegraph and Lawyers and Settlements about the Avandia trial. Sidney Wolfe was quoted in Boston Globe story on the diet pill (pai you guo) still being sold, despite a recall, and Craig Holman was quoted in The Detroit News on how Congress is spending taxpayer money.