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Product Recalls: December 11, 2014 – January 14, 2015

Health Letter, February 2015


Alprazolam tablets, 0.25 mg, 500- and 1000-count bottles.

Benzonatate capsules 100 mg.

Benzonatate capsules, 200 mg, 100-count bottles.

Dofetilide (Tikosyn), 125 mcg (0.125 mg), 14-count and 60-count bottles.

Gabapentin capsules, 100, 300 and 400 mg, 100- and 500-capsule bottles, are being recalled by Actavis Elizabeth LLC.

Gabapentin capsules, 300 mg, 100-count bottles.

Hydralazine hydrochloride tablets, 25 mg, 100-count bottles.

Mercaptopurine tablets, 50 mg, 30-tablets blister pack.

Walgreens Aspirin Free Tension Headache (acetaminophen & caffeine), 100 coated caplets.

For more information about the drug recalls listed above, please visit http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/ires/index.cfm.


For a list of recent recalls of consumer products, please visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website at http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/.