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Prank of the week pulled on Governor Scott Walker

Just as we sometimes enjoy topping off our midmorning caffeine intake with an afternoon cup of joe, we also enjoy a good laugh. Enter Ian Murphy, the Buffalo Beast editor who dialed up Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker pretending to be one of the Koch brothers, the infamous twins whose attempted corporate buy out of American democracy as we know it that we blogged about yesterday.  Check out this blog post about the incident on the Huffington Post. And, to hear the exchange yourself just click play below.

Today, the joke is on the Koch brothers and  Scott.  However, tomorrow we will be pouring another cup of coffee and getting back to our fight against corporate influence. If you share in our belief that democracy should be “for people” and not corporations– be sure to check out our work on money and politics and stay tuned for our upcoming Citizens United video on March 1.