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Stop the revolving door from spinning

As financial reform hits the Senate floor this week, retiring lawmakers might be tempted to finagle their private-sector jobs in the midst of negotiations. But if these soon-to-be-former senators are arranging their cushy lobbying jobs for the financial sector, how tough are they really going to be on the Wall Street giants that pushed us into this economic crisis?

Public Citizen sent letters to the 47 retiring lawmakers yesterday, urging them to resist lucrative corner-office deals that would cash in on their congressional clout.

Public Citizen also launched a petition drive, calling on voters to encourage retiring lawmakers to take an integrity pledge. The pledge reads:

Upon leaving Congress, I will not accept employment or a leadership position for two years with any business that lobbies, issues lobby communications, or has hired lobbyists to lobby my office, committee, or staff during my last term.

Sign the petition now and tell these members of Congress to finish out their terms without being influenced by future employment prospects.

True/Slant already has an over-under bet going on how many lawmakers will sign the pledge. How many do you think Public Citizen can get?