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Newly published study brings up the case for "limited use"

In Public Citizen’s prescription database you will find bisphosphonate drugs like Fosomax listed as a useful drug but with a qualifier for “limited use.” As is often the case, Big Pharma would love to have doctors writing prescriptions until their hands fell off. However, as Public Citizen continues to advocate– no drug, no matter how good, is a panacea and the use of “qualifiers” is not mere semantics– it is a patient’s “right to know.”   a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that while bisphosphonate drugs are a wise move for many women, others with osteopenia, a less severe level of bone thinning may want to consider their options.  As reported on NPR’s “Morning Edition,”

“We should not be so ready to put patients on these drugs as soon as their bone density starts dropping,” says Schneider, who is [herself] a plaintiff in one of more than 150 lawsuits filed against Merck, the maker of Fosamax, involving atypical fractures.