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“Insane” Instagram Stories ad for drinking game app banned by watchdog

“Insane” Instagram Stories ad for drinking game app banned by watchdog

Smart Company


An advertisement for a drinking game mobile app that appeared through Instagram’s ‘Stories’ function has been banned by the Advertising Standards Bureau because it depicted inappropriate drinking scenes.

The ad was for an application called ‘Full Party’ — a drinking game app that incites users to drink based on if they have or haven’t done certain things — made by Team Penguin Studio.

In the advertisement, numerous people are shown in various drinking scenarios, including a man having beer poured on him as he lays on the floor, a man using beer bottles as glasses, and a man mixing a banana and alcohol.

These scenes are accompanied by text that says: “If you’ve scored with a MILF or a DILF, drink 7 times”, “ “If your first time was after the age of 16, drink 7 times”, and “The person with the biggest nose, drink 6 sips”.

The ad then invites the user to download the “silliest app of 2018”, and directs them to the app store.

In a complaint to the Ad Standards Board, one viewer said the ad was promoting excessive alcohol consumption, and claimed the number of drinks the app promoted was “insane”.

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