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How brands are tapping into consumers’ faces – and brains

How brands are tapping into consumers’ faces – and brains

The Drum

Lisa Lacy

This type of facial recognition technology is also being used at airports to both improve the boarding process and to enhance security – at least allegedly.

But it can also help marketers determine consumers’ emotions. This burgeoning field includes startups like Affectiva, Eyeris, Kairos and Realeyes, as well as larger players like Microsoft and Apple (which acquired startup Emotient in 2016).

It’s a sizable market – in fact, Kairos, an AI company that says it specializes in face recognition, said its own research shows the face biometrics space alone will be worth $8bn by 2019. And research firm MarketandMarkets said the broader emotion detection and recognition market, which includes biosensors, will be worth more than $36bn by 2021.

The broader market includes companies like Beyond Verbal, which says it analyzes emotions from vocal intonations, as well as emotion tech company Lightwave, which uses bioanalytics to measure responses like heart rate, movement and temperature.

To date, these companies have used emotional analysis in myriad applications.

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