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House Republicans Aim to End Biden and California’s Progress on EVs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Republicans and eight Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives today voted to roll back progress by the Biden administration and the state of California on efforts to transition toward electric vehicles. If H.R. 1435 were to become law, the measure would undo parts of the Clean Air Act, setting back decades of precedent allowing California to set higher clean air standards for vehicles and the ability of other states to follow suit, effectively undoing current plans in the state to have 100% of new cars sold in the state to be EVs by 2035. The U.S. Senate has no plans to vote on the measure. Chelsea Hodgkins, senior EV advocate with Public Citizen’s Climate Program, issued the following statement: 

“Once again dirty energy apologists are propping up Big Oil’s interests over the health and wellbeing of Americans and our collective future. Though largely an effort led by Republicans, eight Democrats also joined in. 

“After a summer of mounting climate disasters, it’s outrageous that some in Congress are focused on a messaging bill to prop up the interests of Big Oil.

“Transportation is the leading cause of pollution in the U.S. Clean cars are better for us all. They reduce costs, expand consumers’ car options, and deliver massive public health and climate benefits. Attempting to roll back advances towards an EV future is not aligned with reality.

“Luckily, Americans will continue to push the market  toward our electrified future. It’s time more politicians follow suit.”

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