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Dorry's Daily Digest for Aug. 31

A daily look at news from the Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal that caught our eye:

Climate and environment:

  • Lenders step away from environmental risks (NYT)
  • Report: Climate science panel needs change at top (WP)
  • Climate panel faces heat (WSJ)
  • Judge rejects Cuccinelli’s probe of U.Va. (WP)
  • Linking academic, private, public ideas on energy (WP)
  • Dark clouds boost natural gas (WSJ)
  • An unlikely general in climate-change war (WSJ)

Health and safety:

  • Companies race to develop drugs to reduce blood-clotting problems (NYT)
  • ‘Dear Dr.: I plan to sue you for malpractice’ (WP)
  • Will virtual medicine soon go viral? (WP)
  • Separating your Zantac from your Zyrtec (WP)
  • Be skeptical of health-care credit cards (WP)
  • Using implanted telescope, people with macular degeneration regain some sight (WP)
  • Coming soon: Theaters, airplanes to post calories (WSJ)
  • The jewelry prescription (WSJ)
  • Researchers beaming at light’s medical uses (WSJ)
  • Salmonella is no danger to vaccines (WSJ)

Congressional ethics and money in politics:

  • House travel stipends probed (WSJ)
  • Campaign cash: Who’s spending the most on the midterms (WP)


  • Obama poised to loosen rules on export of technology (WP)

Financial Reform:

  • TARP and the continuing problem of toxic assets (WSJ opinion)