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Dorry's Daily Digest for Sept. 14

Flickr photo by 350.org

A daily look at news from the Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal that caught our eye:

  • Swatting ‘Superbugs’ in Hospitals, Homes (WSJ)
  • Medical industry ties often undisclosed in journals (NYT)
  • New Medicare chief speaks out on health care (WP)
  • Rapid, discreet care for those at risk of HIV (WP)
  • How to avoid drugs’ side effects (WP)
  • Bone Drug May Cause Fractures (WSJ)
Campaign Finance and Ethics
  • GOP allies outspending their rivals (NYT)
  • La. judge’s impeachment trial begins in Senate (WP)
  • Groups’ Spending for GOP on Rise (WSJ)
Financial Reform
  • A walk along Stone’s Wall Street (NYT)
  • Consumer candidate may avoid Senate vote (NYT)
  • Industry warms to proposed global banking rules (WP)
  • Rising number of small banks are becoming TARP ‘deadbeats’ (WP)
  • White House Mulls Interim Chief at Consumer Agency (WSJ)
  • AIG Plots End to U.S. Aid (WSJ)
  • Bank Rules Win Muted Praise (WSJ)
  • Oiled gulf may defy direst predictions (NYT)
  • Metro adds 48 diesel-electric hybrid buses (WP)
  • The nuke next door (WP)
  • Calls for Action Emerge After Gas Explosion (WSJ)
  • Drilling Focus Widens (WSJ)
Social Justice
  • Obama Embraces the ‘Pre-emption’ Doctrine (WSJ)