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DFW designated a "serious" violator of federal air-quality standards

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has long been recognized as among the most traffic-congested areas in America, and immediately following the MLK holiday, it will be recognized by the federal government as having some of the most polluted air as well.

The region will become known as a “serious” violator of air-quality standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a designation that will put it infamously among the worst-offending metro areas in the country.

Five other regions in the country are even worse, labeled either “severe” or “extreme,” with  Houston also considered a severe offender.

In order to deal with this designation, the state will need to chart a new compliance plan for the region, something that could govern the kinds of highway projects and other infrastructure that is built in North Texas.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will be required to develop a clean-air plan tailored to the nine-county DFW nonattainment area by July 2012.  Much of this is already under way.


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