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Congress Is Three for Three on CRA Resolutions Striking Down Harmful Trump Rules

WASHINGTON, D.C – The U.S. House passed Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions this week striking down three harmful Trump-era rules that the U.S. Senate previously voted to overturn in April and May. All three resolutions now head to the White House, where President Joe Biden is expected to sign them. Matt Kent, regulatory policy associate for Public Citizen, released the following statement.

“Today’s successful passage of the CRA resolution to repeal the Trump-era methane rule caps a successful effort by the majority to use the CRA to undo the deregulatory damage of the Trump administration.

“Yesterday, the House followed the Senate’s lead by passing resolutions to cancel harmful deregulatory actions at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Treasury Department. Taken together, these resolutions will make real improvements to air quality, racial justice in the workplace, and consumer financial protection.

“The CRA is an imperfect tool for addressing the Republican assault on public protections, but the willingness to use it represents an acknowledgement that bold action is needed to address Trump’s uniquely dangerous deregulatory legacy.”