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Breaking News: Former DeLay Staffer Pleads Guilty

Former Deputy Chief of Staff to Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas), Tony Rudy, pleaded guilty this morning to charges of conspiracy to corrupt public officials and defraud his lobbying clients. Rudy has also offered his cooperation in a federal probe that could extend into the halls of Congress, and right through the doorway of Rep. DeLay’s office (or so we giddily hope).

SourceWatch reports that Rudy worked for DeLay’s office until 2001, when he left for a job alongside Jack Abramoff (thanks to those rapidly turning revolving doors).

"The purpose of the conspiracy was for defendant Rudy and his coconspirators to unjustly enrich themselves,” Justice Department prosecutors stated in the filing.

Did someone say "coconspirators"?

-Jess Kutch