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Biden Must Keep His Campaign Promise to End Title 42

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Nearly 50 progressive groups are calling on President Joe Biden to stand by his campaign promise to end the Title 42 order, a Trump-era relic that perpetuates family separation and prevents people from accessing our asylum system. People’s Action and Public Citizen spearheaded the letter, which was sent to the White House today.

“Your administration must stand with voters who elected you into office by fulfilling your commitment to protect immigrants, restore the asylum system, and end family separation,” the letter reads. “We know that your administration has a plan, the capacity, and resources to manage migration, keep families together, and ensure a just and orderly process at the border. We implore you to stand firm in your decision to end Title 42 and communicate your plan to American voters.”

Title 42 is supposed to be a public health measure, and there is zero public health rationale for restricting asylum, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have properly determined. The public watched in horror as the Trump administration separated children, including babies and toddlers, from their families, causing lifelong trauma to people who were fleeing violence. In response, Biden promised to restore the asylum system and undo Trump’s cruel policies.

The letter calls on the Biden administration to forcefully oppose legislative efforts to keep Title 42 in place or delay its end, such as the Public Health and Border Security Act, and lead the way toward building an immigration system that is welcoming, fair, humane, and orderly.