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Another Texas nuclear plant unit down

Luminant, operator of the two-unit Comanche Peak nuclear power plant 45 miles southwest of Fort Worth, shut down the facility’s Unit 1 reactor about 7 p.m. Thursday and they were still working earlier today to correct the problem that caused the shutdown.  No word yet as to when the unit would be back online. 

Luminant says they were  investigating the cause of this issue, but decided to to take the unit offline to ensure the continued safety of plant employees and plant reliability due to a problem related to an under-voltage relay, which ensures the appropriate amount of voltage is provided to a pump motor.

This outage comes on the heels of STP’s almost month long shutdown back in November of 2010.  See our earlier blog post about that outage.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Comanche Peak’s Unit 1 was reported back on on Saturday, January 15th.  We were unable to find out what time the nuclear reactor was brought back on line that day, but know that the unit was off line for more than 24 hours.