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60-Plus Orgs to Congress: No More COVID-19 Money for the Pentagon

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressional leadership must ensure that future COVID-19 response bills do not include any additional funds for the Pentagon, 61 organizations representing pro-diplomacy, veteran, faith, environmental, anti-war and other communities across the country, said in a letter sent today.

The letter, written by Win Without War, notes that the Pentagon’s $756 billion budget provides more than enough resources to respond to the crisis caused by the pandemic. While there may be a limited role for the Pentagon in responding to the crisis – by, for example, aiding with construction of hospitals – the letter’s signers agree that these activities should be funded by the already-oversized Pentagon budget.

“The U.S. spends a grotesque and unacceptable amount on its wasteful war machine,” said Savannah Wooten, campaign coordinator of the People Over the Pentagon campaign. “Throwing additional money at the Pentagon will just continue a cycle of reckless, misallocated spending that got us into this vulnerable position to begin with and would further enrich unchecked defense contractors. That funding should instead be used to support the health, well-being and dignity of Americans affected by the pandemic.”

Read the letter and full press release.