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Wake Up Ford:

Stop colluding with Trump to make cars dirty again!

Wake Up Ford!

Ford and President Trump’s push to roll back the clean car standards will hurt American families — forcing them to spend more money on gas, polluting our air and accelerating climate change.

If rolled back, our cars will:

  • Spew 6 billion metric tons of dangerous climate pollution, the equivalent of a year’s worth of emissions from 150 coal-fired power plants.
  • Drain Americans’ pocketbooks, halting billions of dollars of consumer savings at the gas pump.
  • Guzzle 12 billion additional barrels of oil.

Take action!

  • Tweet: Hey @Ford! Stop colluding with Trump to make cars dirty again! Go #ForwardNotBackward!
  • Sign the petition: bit.ly/fordtrump
  • Learn more: ForwardNotBackward.org