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United Auto Workers President Bob King Expresses Concern about the TPP, Urges Rejection of Fast Track

By United Auto Workers

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The UAW strongly agrees with the Obama administration that the most important challenge facing the United States is the dramatic growth in income inequality, and we join President Obama in his conviction that trade agreements should serve to reduce rather than exacerbate this inequality. We support agreements that grow our economy, enhance domestic manufacturing, strengthen the enforcement of labor rights, and address climate change through enforceable standards.

The UAW strongly believes that President Obama’s first trade agreement, The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), must contain three essential objectives: 1) the preservation and expansion of U.S. manufacturing employment; 2) the recognition and protection through strong effective enforcement mechanisms of global labor rights under the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work; and 3) the enforcement of strong environmental standards.