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Protest of the Government of Singapore’s acquisition of 20% of Duke Energy Indiana

By Tyson Slocum

Public Citizen teamed up with Sierra Club and Citizens Action Coalition to protest an affiliate of the Government of Singapore to acquire 19.9% of Duke Energy Indiana at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Docket No. EC21-56. Our protest raises four issues:

  • The impact of rates charged to consumers stemming from the Government of Singapore’s current control of Genesee & Wyoming Inc. railroad and its supply of coal to Duke Indiana’s power plants.
  • The Application is incomplete until the DEI Holdco A&R LLC Agreement referenced in the application is submitted to the docket.
  • There is no commitment to dedicate a specific, and significant, amount of the proceeds from the $2.05 billion sale to its operations and investments in Indiana.
  • Duke Energy has committed publicly to utilizing the proceeds of this sale to accelerate its clean energy transition, yet there is no commitment of such in the Application.

Read the full filing here: FERCDocketEC2156PublicCitizenCACSierraClubComments