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Presentation by Tyson Slocum to the PJM Board of Managers on behalf of the Public Interest Entities Organization User Group, September 23, 2020

By Tyson Slocum

I would like to have a conversation regarding two issues related to PJM governance.

  1. Holding PJM Members Accountable To a Code of Conduct

Public Citizen and the Union of Concerned Scientists wrote you on September 14 requesting that PJM sanction its member, Exelon Corp.[1] In July, a wholly-owned unit of Exelon agreed to the terms of a deferred prosecution agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice, whereby it admitted engaging in a decade-long bribery scheme influencing the development of public policy. Exelon’s bribery scheme ran parallel with the company’s successful efforts to influence the PJM stakeholder process. Exelon’s perversion of the public trust is compounded by the fact that PJM—incredibly—lacks any code of conduct to which all members must adhere. While Exelon has legally acknowledged that its lobbyists bribed public officials, the company’s executives freely participate and vote in the PJM stakeholder process. We expect and deserve more from PJM, which is why the board must sanction Exelon Corp using its authority under Section 7.7 of the PJM Operating Agreement to suspend Exelon from all stakeholder participation—including voting—for the three-year duration of the deferred prosecution agreement. Furthermore, we ask that you develop a Code of Conduct for all PJM members, and implement penalties for non-compliance.

Questions for discussion:

  1. Can the board commit to a formal review under Section 7.7 of Exelon’s participation in the stakeholder process?
  2. Does the board support the development of a code of conduct for PJM members?

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