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Medicare-for-All Helps Small Businesses

“If you’re a politician that is in support of small business, the number one thing you can do is to vote for a single-payer health care system, and take the massive burden of health care off of our shoulders.”

– Rebecca Hamilton, family owner and vice president of Badger Balm, a small business in New Hampshire.

Most American workers are all too familiar with wages not keeping up with rising costs, meaning many are effectively getting paid less and less for doing the same job. The rising cost of employer-sponsored health insurance is keeping wages flat for hard-working Americans while insurers pay larger salaries and bonuses to their CEOs. Employer-sponsored insurance is not only consuming larger shares of wages; it also costs employers significant time and money as they try to navigate our fragmented system on behalf of their employees. Medicare-for-All would give employers more freedom to keep wages in line with rising costs and would also free up small businesses to devote their energy to innovation and production instead of endless paperwork and phone calls with insurers. Medicare-for-All would also be great for the self-employed. Starting your own small business, holding multiple part-time jobs or working short-term “gigs” would no longer jeopardize your health coverage.