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House Energy & Commerce Testimony On Energy Legislation

By Tyson Slocum

Public Citizen’s Energy Program Director testified before the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee legislative hearing to consider several problematic bills, including

  • H.R. 647: To repeal restrictions on the export and import of natural gas.[1] The legislation eliminates the requirement that exports and imports be “consistent with the public interest”―a standard that has been in place to protect consumers for 85 years. This legislation would remove all routine regulatory review to ensure that exports are not increasing prices for American families, and would allow unregulated exports to China. I do not support this legislation.
  • The Promoting Cross-border Energy Infrastructure Act.[2] The legislation is based upon H.R.575 from the 117th Congress, and S.23 in the 118th It would require FERC to approve any natural gas pipeline designed to import or export natural gas to or from Canada and Mexico within 30 days of receiving the complete application. This automatic approval eviscerates the Commission’s current public interest determination, and will encourage the construction of cross-border pipelines to Mexico designed to re-export U.S.-produced natural gas from LNG terminals in Mexico. The legislation would also remove regulatory review of any modifications to existing cross-border oil and natural gas pipelines. I do not endorse this legislation.

And legislation repealing a fee on methane emissions that exceed standards established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

  • R.484, The Natural Gas Tax Repeal Act.[3]

My testimony will address these proposed bills, as well as issues related to the impact natural gas exports have on increasing energy costs for American families; the threat of re-exports of U.S. produced gas from Mexican LNG terminals; the need to Congress to address FERC’s recent loophole of oversight of smaller-scale LNG export terminals; the importance of FERC improving oversight of natural gas pricing markets; the benefits of the new fee on methane emissions; that no additional Congressional action is needed to encourage electric transmission siting; and legislative proposals to prevent effective EPA regulation of hydrofluoric acid alkylation is premature.

Read the full testimony here: HouseTestimonyLNGSlocum

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