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Congressional Voting Records on Trade

Use this page to find trade votes by Member of Congress since 1993.

Welcome to Global Trade Watch’s Congressional Vote Chart. The votes included here were among GTW’s top legislative priorities and reflect the concerns of a broad-based citizens’ movement fighting for government and corporate accountability. The votes offer a useful gauge of a Senator or Representative’s commitment to fair trade and the public interest.

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Final House and Senate Vote Totals for Major Trade Votes
Listed Chronologically

1993 Fast Track  House  Senate
NAFTA  House  Senate
WTO  House  Senate
1998 Fast Track  House  N/A
AGOA – On Passage  House  Senate
 – On Conference Report  House  Senate
China PNTR  House  Senate
2000 WTO Withdrawal  House  N/A
Jordan FTA  House*  Senate*
2001-’02 Fast Track – On Passage  House  Senate
 – On Conference Report  House  Senate
Chile FTA  House  Senate
Singapore FTA  House  Senate
Australia FTA  House  Senate
Morocco FTA  House  Senate
2005 WTO Withdrawal  House  N/A
CAFTA  House  Senate
Bahrain FTA  House  Senate**
Oman FTA  House Senate
Peru FTA  House Senate
Panama FTA House Senate
Colombia FTA House Senate
 Korea FTA House Senate
2015 Fast Track

Also: Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), Customs, and Trade Preferences



Revised NAFTA House Senate

*Passed by Voice Vote
**Passed by Unanimous Consent

To see the record of all trade votes since 1991 made by a member of the 116th Congress (2019-2020), click here.