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Clean Cars Coalition 2017 Letter to Ford Motor Company

Download Coalition's 2017 Letter to Ford

September 8th, 2017

Jim Hackett
One American Road
Dearborn, MI 48126


Dear Mr. Hackett:

We are writing today on behalf of our millions of members and supporters to urge Ford Motor Company to lead the auto industry transition away from its dependence on oil. This dependence is costly to consumers, causes tens of thousands of deaths and diseases annually, drains hundreds of billions of dollars from local economies, and poses one of the greatest existential threats to the planet and humankind by contributing to climate change.

Specifically, we are asking that Ford Motor Company discontinue any and all efforts to weaken or delay the implementation of U.S. Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards.  These standards have already delivered large reductions in climate pollution emissions, saved consumers money at the pump, led to innovation and new vehicle technologies, and helped create good jobs in the auto industry as well as in its supply chain. The auto industry should be leaders in increasing efficiency and clean technology innovation, and now is not the time to go backwards. To do so would be dangerously misguided and have profound consequences.

A coalition of NGOs intends to launch a national campaign to publicize the auto industry’s work with the Trump Administration to weaken the fuel efficiency standards and prolong our dangerous dependence on oil. We will focus the campaign on one or more that are leading efforts to weaken the CAFE standards instead of meeting and strengthening them. To help us determine where your company stands, we would appreciate learning the answer to the following questions in writing by September 22, 2017:

  • Will Ford Motor Company publicly declare its support for the existing CAFE targets and greenhouse gas standards agreed to by NHTSA/EPA/CARB and discontinue efforts to weaken or delay the standards?
  • Will Ford Motor Company stop supporting legislative efforts which would increase fuel usage and pollution, including Senate Bill 1273?
  • Will Ford Motor Company publicly oppose the petition by the AAM that was filed with EPA and NHSTA that, under the guise of “harmonization”, would actually increase fuel usage and pollution?
  • Will Ford Motor Company publicly reaffirm support for the authority of states under Section 209 and Section 177 of the Clean Air Act to enforce their emissions and greenhouse gas rules for automobiles?
  • What percentage of Ford Motor Company’s fleet do you expect be zero emission vehicles by 2020, 2025, and 2030?

We are asking you to stand firm against the attacks on our climate, environment, and citizens’ health and financial well-being by the current Administration. We urge you to defend the clean car standards and stand firmly on the side of innovation and common sense safeguards and protections for human health and the environment. Our future and that of our children very much depend on you.



Greenpeace USA

Environment America

Public Citizen

Safe Climate Campaign

Sierra Club