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Civil Justice Corner Videos

Remington A. Gregg, Public Citizen’s Counsel for Civil Justice and Consumer Rights, has launched a new video series exploring the civil justice system.

The civil justice system is vital to protecting our constitutional rights and providing a forum for holding wrongdoers accountable.  Yet, many Americans are unaware of the importance of an open and accessible court system to our everyday lives. It allows victims of workplace discrimination the right to band together to hold their employers accountable, ensures communities can challenge corporate polluters, compensates victims of medical malpractice, and provides hardworking Americans with the ability to seek redress for rip-offs at the hands of from anyone from the cable company to their next door neighbor.

The series will delve into some of the important fights that we are engaged in to preserve your access to courts as well as keeping you apprised of the battles on the horizon.

As you learn more about threats to the civil justice system, we hope that you’ll join in the fight to protect your rights.

Watch the videos now