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Toyota is Stalling on Climate Progress

The biggest global automaker has fought rules to clean up vehicle emissions and get cleaner cars on the road around the globe. Toyota was ranked the automaker with the worst impact on climate policy globally 2 years running.

Toyota has only one EV on the market in the U.S. and will not commit to phasing out polluting internal combustion engine vehicles, which harm our communities and our planet.

Toyota also cheated on emissions testing and was fined a record $180 million in 2021 by the EPA for violating clean air rules, the largest civil penalty ever for a breach of federal emissions-reporting requirements.

Let’s hold Toyota accountable. We’re calling on Toyota to commit to a 100% zero-emission vehicle future, for people and the planet.

Half of car buyers today are in the market for a new or used EV–and for good reason. Fuel savings for EV owners can amount to as much as $14,500 over 15 years. Toyota drivers are among the most likely to buy electric options from Tesla, Ford, Hyundai, and Chevy.

It’s not too late for Toyota–or our climate. Tell Toyota CEO Koji Sato: stop lobbying against climate action and commit to a zero-emission vehicle future.