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World Leaders, #StopPlayingGames. Vaccinate the World Now.

Stop Playing Games, Vaccinate the World Now The People's Vaccine: Available to everyone, everywhere, free of charge

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We’re demanding immediate action from world leaders to end vaccine apartheid. Add your name to our petition to President Biden right away:


Join us in calling on Biden to Stop Playing Games and Vaccinate the World

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are a symbol of global solidarity and friendly competition. President Biden, you must take this opportunity to Stop Playing Games, start saving lives, and vaccinate the world now. 

We are calling on the U.S. Government to:

  • Launch and invest in a democratized, public, $25 billion global vaccine manufacturing program. This investment could produce 8 billion doses of mRNA vaccine within one year, enough for more than half the world’s population.
  • Share the publicly funded NIH-Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine recipes with vaccine producers and regional manufacturing hubs worldwide, so that manufacturers around the world can produce vaccines at scale.

We demand swift, equitable, and democratized manufacturing and distribution of vaccines. This is the only way to save millions of lives and begin the global economic recovery.


How can you support global vaccine access? Engage on social media, sign our petition, and join our video challenge







Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the #StopPlayingGames Campaign?

A campaign launched by the People’s Vaccine Alliance and Public Citizen to raise awareness of the global vaccine access crisis and demand action from world leaders to solve it.

2. Why is a campaign needed surrounding global access to the COVID-19 vaccine?

The majority of the world is still unvaccinated and global leaders have yet to take action. High-income countries have taken upwards of 80% of the world’s COVID-19 vaccine doses, while low-income countries have been left with less than 1% of vaccines. Unfortunately, COVAX has only delivered 4.5% of the 2 billion doses it planned to deliver by the end of 2021.

85% of the world's vaccines have gone to wealthy countries, this is vaccine apartheidRich countries have only shared 7% of the doses the world needsOf the 36 countries that have reached 50% vaccination, none are low-income

3. Can we actually make enough vaccines for so many people?

Yes! In order to vaccinate the world we will need 3 things:

1) Investing to upgrade existing vaccine making facilities so that they can produce mRNA vaccines quickly and efficiently;

2) Passing the TRIPS waiver to remove intellectual property rights and allow vaccine recipes to be shared with manufacturers across the world;

3) Technology transfer hubs where experts share knowledge and vaccine making tips with manufacturers.

The good news is, we already know it is possible to make enough vaccines for the world in 1 year, if world leaders invest and act.

4. How can I help?

Share on social media, sign our petition, and join the #StopPlayingGames Challenge.

Like, comment and share #StopPlayingGames content from @Public_Citizen and @PeoplesVaccine on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook starting July 21th through the end of the Games.

Globally, <1% of vaccines have been administered in low-income countriesWe need action to vaccinate the world#StopPlayingGames, start saving lives

Click here to read our campaign launch announcement and learn more about our work.