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Zombie-fighter takes on Wall Street

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Want to start your week out with some fun?

How about watching a short movie with “The Walking Dead” star, and zombie hunter, Andrew Lincoln, taking on “The City,” London’s version of Wall Street:

Directed by David Yates of Harry Potter movie series fame, the YouTube film packs quite a punch in its short three-plus minutes by satirically highlighting the many positive benefits that could be realized by European nations should a Financial Transactions Tax be finalized. Lincoln is joined by several famous European actors who play bankers in the future looking back on the passage of the Financial Transaction Tax as a triumph.

Though this short film is designed to pressure Britain to join its EU neighbors in signing on to the European version of the tax on financial transactions, we need this important reform just as much stateside.

While Wall Street’s profits continue to rise, the American people deal with the reality of cuts to key programs due to ongoing government budget downgrades. A small tax on financial transactions would both raise revenue for our nation and have the worthwhile benefit of curbing the type of dangerous speculation by investment firms that led to the 2008 financial crisis.

Though passing a Financial Transactions Tax in this typically gridlocked Congress won’t be as simple as Harry Potter waving a magic wand, it shouldn’t take a zombie fighter to tell us that making Wall Street pay their fair share is a no-brainer.

Susan Harley is the deputy director of Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division.