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Become a Bundler and Travel the World

WhiteHouseforSale.org has become the go-to source for finding out who is bundling for whom.

Many wonder what all these people are paying for. What happens to bundlers who “invest” in the winning candidate?  If Bush’s treatment of his bundlers is any indication, then the current crop of bundlers can look forward to rewards like easy access to power and appointments to plum positions here and overseas.

Read and watch CBS’s investigation of the bundlers behind the presidential candidates, including comments from Congress Watch division director Laura MacCleery.

What do bundlers get for all their dough?

Charles Swindells became Ambassador to New Zealand; John Palmer, the ambassador to Portugal. Charles Cobb’s wife, Susan got the post for Jamaica. All raised at least $100,000.

What’s most troubling about bundling is the common occurrence of industry shills buying their way into positions of power with piles of campaign contributions.  At the regulatory agencies, this cronyism can translate into relaxed enforcement, big tax breaks and special earmarks for big business.  It seems that bundling is a seriously good investment.