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What would you do with $534,000?

America’s taxpayers – including you – deserve a refund.

Our country is facing its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. AIG, an insurance giant, recently received $123 billion of taxpayers’ money to rescue it from bankruptcy. But even though AIG executives knew their company was in danger of going broke, they continued the party, leaving taxpayers to deal with the hangover.

This is despicable! Just days after the government announced an $85 billion loan to the company in September, AIG decided to pay for a $444,000 week-long retreat at a posh California resort for its top-performing insurance agents.

Plus, earlier this month, as AIG asked for an additional $38 billion loan, its executives traveled by private jet to go partridge hunting in England, which cost $90,000. Last week, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo threatened legal action if this wasteful spending continued.

We cannot allow AIG to get away with this.

While you and many taxpayers are struggling with high prices, mortgage payments and credit card bills, these executives were enjoying manicures, pedicures, massages and weekend getaways while receiving taxpayer money to bail them out.

That is why Public Citizen is sending a petition to AIG’s top two executives, demanding that they give you and the rest of the country’s taxpayers a refund. They must return to taxpayers the $444,000 they spent on a spa weekend and the $90,000 they spent on a hunting trip.

We need all the support we can muster to end this pattern of irresponsible spending at the expense of taxpayers. Only through a massive groundswell of support will we be able to recover this money.

So add your name to the thousands of signatures on our petition, and encourage at least five of your friends to do the same!