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What George Takei said:

A quote from George Takei that reads, "Dear Internet: It is not "censorship" to petition companies, the government or organizations to change their policies. Censorship is when the government, or a quasi-governmental entity, itself acts to quash or silence debate. Asking people to add their voices to a cause, or to vote with their dollars, is part of a healthy and robust social discourse and, I argue, is essential to the free exchange of ideas. Carry on.”

I saw this on Facebook earlier today, and it reminded me of all the terrific pressure Public Citizen has organized against reckless corporations for polluting our environment, wrecking our economy, attacking consumer rights and distorting our democracy. And I couldn’t agree more.

Rick Claypool is online director for Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division. Follow him on Twitter at @RickClaypool.

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