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Websites of Kinder chocolate banned over ads targeting children

Websites of Kinder chocolate banned over ads targeting children

The Guardian

Rebecca Smithers

A series of websites, an app and a YouTube channel promoting Kinder chocolate and toys have been banned in the UK for aiming junk food advertising at children.

The homepage of the Kindernauts website featured cartoons of a sun and rainbow, the promise of “fun activities” and prizes, a Kinder chocolate branded video showing children playing and a cartoon map leading to activities such as “becoming a bug detective” and “creating a butterfly feeder”.

The website magic.kinder/en also had Kinder branding alongside games and videos labelled as suitable for children aged three-plus, including short animations of Kinder Surprise toys.

But the ruling published on Wednesday by the Advertising Standards Authority agreed that the sites and “advergames” had broken rules set by the Committee of Advertising Practice on the promotion of high fat, salt or sugar products to the under-16s.

It sets a groundbreaking precedent for brand advertising and the use of cartoon characters and toys by confectionery, cereal and fast-food companies. The Kinder websites and advergames had created sub-brands that heavily featured the toys and characters associated with Kinder Surprise chocolate products.

The complaint was lodged with the ASA by the Children’s Food Campaign, which is lobbying for tighter rules to protect children from junk-food marketing.

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