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Voters Weigh In on Need for Clearer Rules for Political Activity for Nonprofits

Sept. 25, 2014

Voters Weigh In on Need for Clearer Rules for Political Activity for Nonprofits

Hudson Institute and Public Citizen Release Bipartisan Poll

WHAT: Release of results of a bipartisan poll designed to gauge voter attitudes about proposed new IRS rules governing nonprofit political activity.

Right now, nonprofit political activity is at a crossroads. The IRS’ treatment of nonprofit political activity has been under increased scrutiny since the revelation last year that it had been using inappropriate criteria for selecting applicants for 501(c)(4) status for increased review based on the words in their names. At the same time, increased election spending by nonprofit groups that do not disclose their donors has raised concerns across the country. Among all the discussion, a vital voice has been missing: that of the voter.

Join the Hudson Institute and Public Citizen as they present the results of a new bipartisan poll in which Democratic, Republican and Independent voters across the country were asked about their opinions on the need for clearer rules for political activity and about the relationship between changing IRS rules and free speech. Lunch will be served.

WHEN: Noon – 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 30

WHO: Celinda Lake, Democratic pollster and president, Lake Research Partners
Robert Carpenter, Republican pollster and president, Chesapeake Beach Consulting
John Tyler, secretary of the board at the Philanthropy Roundtable
Lisa Gilbert, director, Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division
William Schambra, director, Hudson’s Bradley Center for Philanthropy and Civic Renewal (moderator)

WHERE: The Hudson Institute, 1015 15th St. NW, Sixth Floor, Washington, D.C.

RSVP: By using this link.


The Bright Lines Project, housed at Public Citizen, has been working for years to create clear, fair rules that would apply to all nonprofits and would encourage nonpartisan civic engagement while removing opportunities for abuse.