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(Updated) Instagram 'Stories' Is Just Another Way To Break The Law

(Updated) Instagram ‘Stories’ Is Just Another Way To Break The Law


Jay McGregor

Instagram’s new Snapchat-like feature – Instagram Stories – adds a new layer of functionality to the booming social network. But, with Instagram being swarmed by thousands of illegal adverts, will Stories just become another avenue for back-door illegal native advertising?

Last week I wrote about how Instagram is being swarmed by illegal advertisements. My investigation only lead me so far, but the true extent of illegal native advertising on social media is beyond comprehension.

110 pictures that I identified look to be clear advertising – but weren’t labelled as such – for diet supplement company Protein World. Further research revealed another 28 alleged adverts from Bootea – a diet supplement company- and Coco White UK, which manufactures a teeth whitener.

The rules are clear in both the UK and US: an advert must be labelled as such. Otherwise you’re breaking FTC and ASA rules, as well as deceiving your followers. Despite this, we’ve seen time and time again social media “influencers” flout the rules – sometimes under the guidance of the sponsor.

Read more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaymcgregor/2016/08/03/instagram-stories-is-just-another-way-to-illegally-advertise-with-native-advertising/#5397622137fb