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Trump’s Latest Deregulatory Order Is More Corruption, Distracts From Fighting the Pandemic

Statement of Robert Weissman, President, Public Citizen

Note: President Donald Trump signed an executive order today instructing federal agencies to waive, suspend and eliminate public protections, continue to cut back on enforcement, and review the hundreds of safeguards already temporarily suspended with the goal of making the suspensions permanent.

Trump’s corporate-friendly executive order aimed at rolling back even more regulations that protect the public is just the latest sign that his solution to the pandemic is the opposite of what the public needs.

Instead of real, direct help for the tens of millions of Americans struggling financially due to the pandemic, or a real plan to reopen the economy safely based on the best public health expertise, Trump wants to keep giving handouts to corporate interests.

The corruption of this administration is on full display as it uses this crisis as an excuse to further its corporate agenda while distracting the public from its utter failure to fight the virus.