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Thousands rally to protest global warming

Thousands rally to protest global warming
Photo by Greg Vaugh of Kansas
Heard from a friend yesterday, he’s originally from Connecticut, so unlike us south Texans, thinks one should drive around as long as you can see more than just the outline of a car covered in snow.  He ventured out at noon to get coffee and groceries at the Whole Foods in downtown Austin, but the roads were still frozen in the shadows and almost everything was closed down, so he turned around and headed home.
Family in Corpus Christi, TX emailed and said that the sleet came in fast yesterday and  they had over 100 accidents after it started.   Cars were stranded, then abandoned on some of the overpasses.  All the highway causeways (bridge crossings over the bays) and major bridges were closed by 7pm Thursday night and were not expected to reopen until noon on Saturday.   It got above freezing by noon on Friday, but temperatures dipped below freezing again by sundown.
Let us know what things were like in your community during the past few days.