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The moving company is holding my stuff hostage …

So you moved your stuff across country and when you got there, the movers demanded a whole lot more money than they had originally said you would owe. They refused to unload your belongings unless you paid up — pronto. You’re not alone. This is just one of scads of horror stories reported by people who move. How can you avoid the moving companies that get a lot of complaints? A searchable database would help, wouldn’t it? One exists now, but its incomplete.

The government is proposing to beef it up by including complaints received by moving companies in addition to those received by the government (because face it, are you really going to pick up the phone and call something called FMCSA when your stuff is held hostage?). The problem is, the database won’t be as helpful as it should be. Public Citizen has told the government just what needs to be fixed. Learn more.