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Everyone in, no one out: Single-payer health care now!


What a time it was! Over 2,000 people gathered in Upper Senate Park today to show Congress and President Obama the kind of support single-payer health care has in America.

They were doctors, nurses, lawyers, politicians, activists, seniors, faith groups, students and average Americans working for a better system. They came from New York, Pennsylvania, California, Wisconsin, Georgia and many other states, all bearing a common desire: a single-payer system.

With the Capitol Building looming in the background, our own Dr. Sidney Wolfe spoke, as did Dr. David Scheiner, President Obama’s former physician. In fact, Dr. Scheiner has been sought by news outlets all over the country, like CNN, MSNBC, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, and many more.

See more pictures from the rally on our Flickr page.