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It's tax day. Let's get real about corporations. Trust us, no violins necessary.

It’s tax day and we only wish that corporations were scrambling to get it together today like most Americans. Alas, despite these hard economic times and the lip politicians continue to give regarding tightening our budget, many corporations are getting by with murder.

We just released a report that shows that the money we give away to corporations that break the law and endanger public health by far surpasses the amount we’re spending to keep them in check:

  • Wall Street gets more than $6 billion in tax breaks; agencies charged with monitoring and holding the industry accountable get just over $1 billion.
  • Big Agriculture receives more than $7 billion in subsidies; government food safety and inspection services are get just over $1 billion.
  • And though the government spends more than $11 billion to fund environmental protection, it gives away even more than that (more than $11.5 billion) in tax breaks, write-offs and subsidies to oil and natural gas industries.

Infuriating, eh? Read a copy of our report “Federal Giveaways” and take action today!