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State of Whose Union?

Tonight we’ll be listening closely to the President’s State of the

Union address. This year we hope he levels with the American people.

Unfortunately, as we’ve learned in previous State of the Union

addresses, this president’s assertions are not always "reality-based."

As an example from his 2006 address, we were told that lawsuits were

driving doctors out of practice – causing a shortage of ob-gyns in

1,500 counties. This was not true and a blatant attempt to urge the

Congress to enact medical liability reform.

Today, Public Citizen released an analysis [pdf] of this claim that shows the real facts.

So, will we hear the truth from the President tonight?

What we’d like to hear is an honest assessment and a solid plan for

moving our nation out of an era of corruption and lies and into a

future of more transparency and integrity in our government. However,

we won’t hold our breath.

So, we’re asking you.

Post your own "address" on the true State of the Union in comments

to this blog and we’ll continue to work to get Congress and the

President to listen to you, the people.